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How To Monetize Videos Without YouTube: Top Strategies to Increase Your Revenue

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Video monetization is a method to earn money from your videos. For the same, the most popular platform that clicks in any creator’s mind is YouTube.

However, the competition on YouTube has become so intense that it is almost impossible for a new creator to rise and get recognized.

This is why many video creators look for different monetization methods that do not involve creating videos on YouTube. They want to generate revenue out of their creations but within a fair amount of time.

Luckily, the entertainment industry is so flourishing that there are various methods to generate yourself money if you are passionate about creating videos.

Today we will present some alternatives to let you make money from your videos without relying on YouTube.

Let’s get going.

Three Popular Methods To Monetize Videos Online

There are 3 major revenue models that are used to monetize videos. Creators may choose any of these revenue models or choose more than one as per their audience and the kind of content they create.

1. SVOD: Subscription Video-on-Demand

This revenue model works best if you already have a fanbase and upload premium videos that are not available on other platforms for free.

When you choose subscription-based earnings, your fans pay a certain amount for weekly or monthly subscriptions. They can even pay for a whole year and get to stream your content until then.

Netflix subscription is an example of the SVOD revenue model!

2. TVOD: Transactional Video-on-Demand

The second one is TVOD, where people pay once for a particular video and watch it for a particular time. It is more like renting a video or videos that viewers get to watch until their renting period gets over.

This revenue model works best when you can upload a wide variety of content. In this model, viewers can get the content for lifetime access; creators can decide the amount.

A few examples can be:

  • The whole season of a particular web series or show
  • A feature film
  • A live sporting event

3. AVOD: Advertising Video-on-Demand

When you have a larger audience and don’t want to push them away by making them pay for streaming, AVOD comes into the picture.

This is an ad-based revenue model that you must have seen on YouTube. The viewers need to watch the ads that run on your videos, and you earn in return.

So instead of paying directly in the form of subscriptions, your viewers pay by giving their time to watch the ads.

AVOD also works best when the content you upload does not fall in the premium category or if it is also available to stream on other platforms.

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Earn Money By Monetizing Your Videos Outside YouTube

Choose An Alternate Streaming Platform

Other than YouTube, many other platforms allow creators to monetize their videos. 

Streaming content is in trend as most people opt for streaming platforms to satiate their entertainment needs. This is why hundreds of VOD streaming platforms are there where creators can create and viewers can stream.

One example is GUDSHO, a premium streaming platform that lets creators and viewers use it for free. They offer different revenue models such as SVOD, TVOD, and Donations. 

As per their convenience and the kind of audience, creators can opt for any of these revenue models and start generating income.

Some features that make for worth trying are:

  • CMS – It lets you upload and manage your videos in one place. The simple drag-and-drop function enables you to upload videos in seconds easily.
  • Streaming – The platform supports multi-bitrate streaming, which adjusts to the internet quality of your audience to keep their streaming free-flowing.
  • Marketing – Creators get to optimize all necessary information on their channel. They can access social sharing options, multi-device support, an advanced analytics dashboard, and more.
  • Security – The AES encryptions let only authorized users stream the content and save it against all illegal actions. 

99.9% uptime ensures that your channel rarely has downtime. Payments are safe with their SSL/ TLS encrypted paywall.

Subscribe To Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing generates revenue by letting your subscribers buy the products using the links given. Creators let different brands know about their channel and propose to provide them with affiliate services.

As a creator, you only contact the brands that serve in a similar niche as yours. These brands then let you sign up for their affiliate marketing program and provide you with the product links to put in your videos. Learn how Affiliate Marketing Boosts Your Business to Become a Brand.

Every time viewers are interested in the product you have linked, they might use the same link to buy it. This way, you receive a certain amount of commission on every purchase.

Also, affiliate marketing does not disrupt the viewing experience, as stated by 45% of the viewers.

Tom Dupuis, who creates videos on WordPress SEO, makes around $1,000 a month by putting affiliate links in the description.

Create Courses And Provide Additional Information

If you have already built a fanbase, it means people are interested in your content and wish to keep themselves updated.

You can use this opportunity and start creating educational videos or tutorials. You can create online courses and encourage them to understand the subject better. Read 25+ Best Digital Marketing Strategies for Online Education in 2023.

These tutorials are definitely more time-consuming than usual video content, but they are worth it since they add up more revenue overall.

Tip: You don’t have to lecture your audience for an hour; instead, you can create bite-sized videos, bundle them together in a course, and sell it.

There are many creators who have adopted this strategy. Justin Jackson, for example, has made $190,000 within a year using his online courses.

Use Sponsorships 

Sponsorships can be another great way to generate income. Creators, while creating their videos talk about the products and services of a brand; the same activity is known as sponsorship.

Creators contact brands in their niche and let them know they are open to sponsorships. These brands then analyze the channels of the creators and decide to accept or reject their proposal.

A similar example you must have seen in YouTube videos; the YouTubers give a brief about the product of a specific brand and grab their viewers’ attention toward it.

Sponsorship helps brands advertise themselves through video creators and let the creators earn from the brands.

Monetize Gaming And Other Videos

If you create gaming videos or want to stream video games with your audience, you should opt for platforms like Twitch.

However, Twitch is not only about video games; the platform also lets you talk about cooking, drawing, positivity, anime, and more.

Remember that by using Twitch, you can only live stream the content and can’t record videos and upload them later.

Those interested in this platform get to know about the genre it supports and can start creating live streaming and monetizing it.

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Wrap Up

YouTube may be the first platform that comes to creators’ minds, but it is not the only way to monetize your videos. High competition and increased rules and regulations are not making it any easier for new creators.

Demonetization of channels is another common scenario on YouTube. For this reason, creators should consider platforms other than YouTube and try these platforms to monetize their videos.

Above, we have mentioned some effective ways to earn income from your videos. We hope you will consider these methods and simplify your life as a creator.

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